What is SHE Biobank

SHE Biobank is a large and long-term biobank study in the MENA Region with the goal of investigating the respective contributions of genetic predisposition and environmental exposure to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Community Health Worker Program

CHW or Community Health Worker is a program under MENA Bio Bank which facilitates outreach to the communities and the collection of health data needed for research and healthcare services.

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In response to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, Silverberry Genomix and SHE Center have launched a genomic study to better understand the current pandemic and improve response to similar incidences caused by coronaviruses in the future.  The new study intends to identify genomic susceptibility that alters either the rate of infection or the severity of the disease in response to the coronavirus exposure.

We are looking for partners in MENA Region to expand the study and focus on the region's needs. Contact Us for more details and explore partnership opportunities.

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Join SHE Biobank


Would you like to participate in research and contribute to science? No matter your age, health status or sex, you can be part of various health projects conducted by researchers.

By taking a DNA test and filling some survey, you will contribute to advancement of science and a healthier life for everyone, in your country and globally. Contact Us to learn more how to become a participant.


SHE Biobank is an open-access resource and it is open to scientists and scholars undertaking health-related research that is in the public good.

Approved scientists from the region and overseas from academia, government, charity and commercial companies can apply to use the resource. Contact Us for more information.


SHE Biobank is an alliance among universities, non-profit organizations, governments, companies and individual experts that believe in our mission.

Regional, local and global organizations may become a partner and contribute to the project or benefit from it.  Based on your role and the institute you are working with, you may engage in different ways. Learn more