Community Health Worker Program (CHW)

The MENA Biobank project is introducing a service delivery platform that will be used to conduct large-scale health data collection and service delivery for the residents of MENA region.

In this model, a group of trusted local residents will act as intermediaries to reach out to the communities in isolated rural areas to facilitate data collection about the current health status of residents. It will include questionnaires about general health conditions of the population (from BMI to other metrics) all the way to health conditions (such as diabetes) or situations that will lead to health conditions that are preventable, such as pre-diabetes. With such data gathering, the tremendous cost of future treatment can be prevented while helping families not fall in poverty due to an unhealthy condition that prevents them from working 

Since CHWs will be equipped with the tools and equipment needed for the work (such as smartphone devices and apps for data collection, small tools to collect data sample for diabetes, measuring PH that can determine Oral Health, etc.) they can provide immediate feedback to some of the users where possible. 

Contact us for more information on participation in the program.