SHE Biobank is an alliance among universities, non-profit organizations, governments, companies and individual experts that believe in its mission.

Based on your role and the institute you are working with, you may engage in different ways:

  • Government Agencies: Mobilizing health centers and resources in urban and rural areas. Allocating budget for data gathering and support processes.
  • Universities, Hospitals and Clinics: Encouraging researchers and students to conduct research, write reports and educate healthcare professionals.
  • Companies/Foundations: Allocating budget and resources, such as medical devices, logistical activities to collect data in rural areas, and expertise.

Founding Partners

Science and Health Education Center (SHE)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, an Affiliate Hospital of Harvard Medical School

At Dana-Farber’s SHE Center, we are committed to facilitating collaborative MENA region-specific research that:

  • Identifies and strengthens research collaborations between Dana-Farber and MENA-region scientific communities.
  • Addresses key health gaps in MENA countries through cutting-edge research, with the goals of better understanding and reducing the region’s disease burden.

The SHE Center provides opportunities for scientific exchange and networking. Connections can be piloted through our education and training programs or can be established based on investigator proposals.

For more information visit SHE Center Web Site.

Silverberry Genomix

Silverberry Genomix is a DNA company that offers a digital health platform to use AI and genetic assessments to optimize health and wellness plan. It’s flagship product,, is a Health Marketplace that provides comprehensive reports and recommendations to users and healthcare professionals to better manage health and wellness.

For more information visit


We are always looking for the organizations or individuals that can contribute in achieving the project’s goal.

The SHE Center understands the link between scientific knowledge and life-enhancing health outcomes. It is addressing a serious unmet need in the region, and serves as a magnet for forward thinking collaborators.

— Ben Collins
Director, International HIV Partnerships